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Blogging nowadays is changing the whole idea of the internet. It has already overtaken many business websites and the rate of growth of the blog is growing rapidly. WordPress Blogging is a common thing for many content writers and bloggers. As WordPress has great flexibility and functionality the stats of WordPress Blogs are shining! WordPress is a very flexible CMS system that offers countless customization options for creating a website or blog that you need quickly and easily.

Many New WordPress blogs are generated per day and most of the day quit them before one week! Ya, that’s a great fact. In this article, I Will focus some of the best tips that will keep your streak alive in the road of blogging. I have been blogging for 5 Months and the whole experience is still fresh. Every day I am learning something and that’s a great achievement for me.

Wordpress Blogs Tips
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That Will Give a Kick-start to Your WordPress Blog!

1- Get an SSL!

Wondering why I have added this common thing. No, it’s not a common thing overall, it is the most under-rated thing on the internet! SSL is a very effective method to give a proper safely to your visitors. It gives them a good environment to explore your WordPress Blog or Website without any fear of harmful viruses. A Good SSL Certificate can definitely help you to stay protected from hackers, Boost your Rankings in Search engines, Plays a Major Role in SEO, Safe Shopping Experience (For Sales Website).

Getting a good SSL Certificate can help you to kick-start your New WordPress website/blog. It is one of the basic steps for a beginner blog and many bloggers ignore it. Google has already said that the website with insecure or no SSL Sign, can contain malware and can be blacklisted.

Wordpress SSL
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How to get Your SSL Certificate:-

  • Check your Default Hosting Package for a Free SSL. Most of the Hosting Package comes with a Free SSL.
  • Get a Premium SSL From these Certified Companies Namecheap and WHOIS.
  • Get a Free SSL from CloudFlare CDN.

2- Choose a Cool Theme

Choosing a Theme for a WordPress website or theme can be time taking. It is totally dependent upon your niche. There are many sources to download themes for your new WordPress Blog. But beware of some fraud sites who give nulled WordPress theme which results in leakage of your personal data over their servers. Choosing a good WordPress theme can be very effective for the future of your new WordPress website. Check your theme and if you don’t have one, or if your site doesn’t look good on other Mobile devices, install a responsive theme or use a Plugin to create your Mobile site in minutes : WPTouch Mobile Plugin. Before choosing a WordPress, Make Sure you have looked some of the listed factors below!

  • Niche of Your Website.
  • WHAT DO YOU want from it!
  • SEO and Search Engine Friendly for Better Ranking.
  • Light Weight and Responsive Designing.
  • Download Theme From Trusted Sources only ThemeForest and Elegant Themes can be a better option though!
  • Better to get a Multi-Purpose WordPress theme for your New WordPress Blog. As it is suitable for any action in your website!

3- Vibrant Design

“Imagine You are in a Blog, and the Design Seems to be Horrible, Will you stay on it?” That’s the impression of people toward an un-designed blog. Creating a good blog design can have a great effect on your new WordPress blog. Remember 78% of people will return to your New WordPress blog if they find it beautiful. How to Make your Website Beautiful? So you can imagine how many numbers of returning visitors you will see in your stats! Designing of your New WordPress Blog don’t depend upon your Theme, but better to Choose a great theme that provide a framework to your designing.

Wordpress Blog Designing
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Here are four ways to make your WordPress blog or website mobile, from fast and dirty to complex but potentially very nice:-

  • What are you Designing?
  • Postion and Numbers of Elements in Slidebar.
  • Usage of Best Pagebuilder DIVI or Elementor.
  • Make it Clean with Limited Numbers of Elements.
  • Provide Useful Links and Information about your Website.
  • Lastly, You can’t make a perfect website in a day. Add something new to your New WordPress Blog and Test with your Visitors.

4- Informative Pages

Informative pages should be added to a new wordpress website as soon as possible. As they are required by many search engines and thirdparty apps you use. A New WordPress Blog should have a Contact, About and Privacy Policy (Compulsory) page so that people will know your website better.

Privacy policy page tells your visitors about their safety and the data stored in the website( In Sales Website especially). Contact Page help your visitors to contact you directly if they are facing some issues or need some assististant. About Page shows relevant information about your company. This pages will also make your new WordPress Blog look professional.

5- Need for Speed

As I have mentioned it already in my several posts, Speed of a WordPress Blog or Website can be a ranking factor as well as an effective method to keep your visitors to return to your website. In 2019, many of the New wordpress Sites are slow and that’s the main factor why they are not ranking. I have optimised The Tech Hackers for a Speed of >2s and that’s the main reason I got an decent rank in Google in less time! Due to heavy usage and resource hungry plugins and themes, your website can perform dull. So here are some steps that can help you to get a blazing speed:-

Blazing Speed
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  • Choose a good Caching Plugin. Best Caching Plugins!
  • Light Weight Theme and Plugins.
  • Upgrade your PHP Version (The Most Under-rated Factor) 🙁
  • Limit No of Comments per Page, or Turn off Commenting.
  • A Perfect Hosting!
There are several ways to speed up your website : specialized plug – ins for caching HTML pages, plug – ins for storing all SQL queries and data objects, plug – ins for minimizing JavaScript and CSS files, and even some server solutions.


    If you’re just starting with WordPress, or have been using the default features for a while and now want to explore some useful and easy ways to customize your WordPress site, a great place to start is the WordPress administration area, or backend. I know Ihave missed too many factors out there but You need to explore them in your own! The power of WordPress is Unlimited and you need to have a research it, to get most of it. These tips for New WordPress Blogs can help you to manage your blog better and get ready for several challenges.

    Hope You Like it!! Don't Forget To Comment Below, Subscribe Our Newsletter, Check out My Other Posts Regards: The Tech Hackers
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