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WordPress Spam Comments are like evil. They degrade your website by adding suspicious link to the comment, Which later-on contain some Viruses and Malwares. This can directly make a Visitor not to come any more to your website.  Avoiding Spam Comments can be really effective to create a neat website, which provide safety to your visitors. WordPress Spam comments contain some bad links, which become a horror for your Ranking alos. Containg Suspicious Links can affect your ranking on different Search Engines. How to Generate High Quality Backlinks.

Comment spam is one of the most common problems that many WordPress users and website owners face. You can prevent spammers from posting spam comments on your website by installing the best antispam plugin on your WordPress website. Stopping spam on WordPress websites is crucial if you want to create a unique web presence. How can you Do that? Check Below! SEO For WordPress

WordPress Plugins to Stop Spam!

There are many available plugins the the WordPress directory that can defintely help you to get rid of the Spam Comments. But I have listed some more effective plugins (Some are Paid Version Though). Stop Looking for more solution, I know this Plugins will definitely help you. Not only for catching Spam Comments but also for Your Email Spam. How to Make a Newsletter Form!

Google reCAPTCHA

Google reCAPTCHA is a top notch service to avoid spam comments in every platform including WordPress. It is literally impossible for any type of bots to jail-break the code. The Perfection Level is approx to 100%. Google reCAPTCHA can be used easily in WordPress to stop Spam Comments. It easily integrates with other plugins including Contact Forms, so that there is no chance of such risk. WordPress Spam Comments can be easily stopped in this service. It is absolutely free and made with high end technology, Only Humans can Break it! Are You a Human? Check this out. Best Apps from Google.

Akismet Anti-Spam

Simply the best available plugin in the WordPress directory to avoid spam comments. Better than any other Limited Edition Nonsense! I basically use this plugin and it have helped me to get rid of 345 Spam Comments!  Since Akismet is also part of the automattic group, you can be sure that the spam protection plugin has been built with the latest industry standards and will provide 99.9 percent spam elimination. Akismet checks your comments and contacts us against our global spam database to protect you and your website from malicious content. Rank Higher in Google


Cleantalk is a premium anti-spam solution, similar to Akismet’s ability to collect comments on cloud servers before allowing them to appear as valid comments on your website. It is a paid protection to Stop Spam Comments from your website. Rather than Stooping WordPress Spam Comments, it also focuses on security also. Spam comments can also hinder your backup process, as your backup tool will try to back up your entire library of filtered spam comments that take up tons of space. So Make Sure to avoid Spam as Soon as Possible! It stops almost all type of Spam containing Comment Spam, Registration Spam, Bookings, Subscription and other Multiple Spams. Make Sure to Try This.  Best Marketing Tips.


There are dozen of available tools for protecting Spam but I have listed some more effective way to stop it! Spam Comments can be really very dangerous as it contain some suspious links and link to un-indexed site. Fortifying WordPress can make it easier to manage spam comments, but if you want to further reduce your efforts, you can opt for a different approach – moving comments from your blog and to a third – party commentary platform. For More Tips- Click Here.

One other and best way to neglect Spam Comments completely is to turn off Comments in WordPress. One More thing, RIP To The Brave Soldiers who have lost their live in pulwama attack. Please Pray for them and their family. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

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