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Keywords are just like backend for supporting SEO. Implementing important and trending keyword in your posts/website can help you to land a decent rank in any search engines. Keywords are just like highlighted text for focus or important text in which you want to rank for. It makes your topic clear enough so that people can get relevant results. But finding a good keyword tool is horror, and many of them are unaffordable.Check out My Latest Post. 

But wait I have a surprise for you!!! A Free Keyword Finder tool with a ton of features available for absolutely free. Yes, this keyword tool can give the same functionality as a paid and expensive keyword tool. Rather than this, its bunch of features can help you to generate content ideas, SERF analysis and so on.

Ubersuggest is the best free keyword finder that can help you give your ranking a boost by filtering out important keywords from a large bunk of searches. It is designed for people who can’t afford a paid keyword tool, Like me:(

Features & FUNCTIONS

Awesome and Fast Results as compared by other Tools.

Smart Keyword Finder

Ubersuggest collects all information and search results from search engines and filters them out to show the best possible keywords that can be ranked for. The smart way of collecting keywords and displaying them is absolutely amazing. You can get all the valuable information regarding the perfect keyword for your next posts. You can also choose between the traffic and the countries you want to get traffic. Look at the picture below to know more.

This smart graph shows the variation of search results and the density of the keyword. As you can see the plotted graph seems to be very well understood and we can use it for finding the monthly search volume. Rather than this function, it also gives detailed information about the SEO Difficulty and Paid difficulty, which can give you a better understanding of the certain keyword you are using. How to Speed Up Your Website Easily.

Keyword Ideas

With this keyword suggestion tool, you can easily get a relevant title for your post with a good pair of keywords. It also determines the search volume for a certain keyword. Check out the image below to know more about the generation of the keyword:-

It gives a detailed suggestion of trending keywords in which you can easily rank. You can choose your topic from the following keywords and then start writing of your stunning blog post. Isn’t it great? That’s why I suggest this free keyword finder because it can help you as a pro!! How to Increase Blog Traffic.

SERP Analysis

SERP or Search Engine Result Page is a detailed copy of the link of any search results for checking and other purposes. It plays a major role in On-page SEO, having your page within the top 100 SERP can lead to a large number of traffic to your website and result in high growth and success of your website/blog. Search engine results page(SERP) is the technical term or abbreviation used by SEO experts to let their clients know how is the keywords they are targeting are doing in Google, Bing or Yahoo search results.

The above analysis result shows the top 100 websites so far with the popular game keyword “Game”. You can easily check them out and follow the instruction and copy them in their ranking skills. This can help you to land in the top 100 positions. This is a tatics used by many SEO experts called as spying on your opponent. That’s all for now, hope I have provided you the best and free Keyword tool you need. Don’t forget to visit my other posts.

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